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Who are we ?

Founded in 1993, the Hambantota District Chamber of Commerce (HDCC) is proud being Sri Lanka’s first district level Chamber of Commerce. HDCC contributes to economic growth and development in the Hambantota district (the District) by supporting private enterprises. HDCC represents the interests of over 350 rural business members from a range of sectors include agriculture, manufacturing, services, transport, tourism and hotels.

Staff and management at the HDCC are hardworking and passionate in their drive to realize their vision, mission and objectives. HDCC has a strong history of partnering with national and international organizations to provide economic support HDCC members and district’s community. Some international partners have been instrumental in many successful HDCC initiatives and projects and include; the Royal Norwegian Embassy, The Growth Company (previously Manchester Growth Company, an association of Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce) and a rich history of international volunteers from Britain, Canada and Australia. These partnerships have provided access to technical expertise, information, resources and funding.


Our Vision ...

" To act as the ‘Gateway’ for development, ensuring the social cohesion and economic success of the Hambantota District."

 Our Mission ...

"To be a professional, sustainable organization, making available a wide range of development services to individuals and enterprises, helping to accelerate economic growth and enhance prosperity throughout the District."

Objectives & Activities

HDCC’s Objectives are to:                  

  • Strengthen and organize membership
  • Provide business development services
  • Provide employment services
  • Promote tourism
  • Empower youth and women entrepreneurs

HDCC’s Key Activities are to provide services and events to support members needs including:

  • Business consultancy and advise
  • Business education
  • Business loans
  • Support the matching of employers and job seekers
  • Promoting Southern Sri Lanka as a tourist destination
Name of the Organization
: - Hambantota District Chamber of Commerce
: - Tangalle Road, Hambantota, Sri Lanka.
: - Tel : +94 (0) 47 2220940/1
:-  Hotline : 047 4 933 933
... Fax : +94 (0) 472220448
.. .Email : chamber@hdcc.lk
Year of Establishment
: - 1993
Legal Status
: - Limited Company incorporated under the companies act no 7 of 2007

History of HDCC

HDCC began as an association in 1990 under a government initiative that encouraged young, new entrepreneurs to collaborate with existing businesses. At that time the country, and Hambantota District had just come out of the 1988-1989 insurrections, which had been a very difficult and dangerous time for businesses and their owners.
The Hambantota Integrated Rural Development Project (HIRDEP) which had been working in the District since 1979, began collaborating with HDCC on its idea of setting up an entrepreneur's service centre. HIRDEP had wanted to set up such a centre since the mid-1980s, and saw in HDCC a unique opportunity to move forward.
The idea of the Hambantota Entrepreneur Service Centre (HESC) had emerged in the mid-1980s as part of HIRDEP’s role in jump-starting economic development through the support of local small and medium sized enterprises.

In 1993, with technical and financial assistance from USAlD, HDCC was formally incorporated and now works in cooperation with the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce, the Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Sri Lanka, the Government of Sri Lanka and many NGOs. The HDCC has also worked with multi-lateral and bi-lateral donor agencies and their projects. HIRDEP gave the HDCC full responsibility for its private sector economic development activities in 1998-1999, HIRDEP’s final two years.

Professor Malcolm Harper, a specialist in micro-finance and enterprise development from Nottingham Business School visited Sri Lanka in 1997. He wrote in his report:
“HDCC … can serve as a valuable example to donors, governments and business membership organizations anywhere”.

When HIRDEP was wound up, as planned, in 1999, it had established continuity via HESC and HDCC. In a report evaluating HIRDEP published by Chr. Michelsen Institute of Development Studies and Human Rights (Bergen, Norway), the following was noted:

"[HIRDEP]’s role was as a midwife to the birth of the Hambantota District Chamber of Commerce is a remarkable success.”

HDCC was the first district level Chamber in Sri Lanka and is a role model for others across the island. In 1999, HDCC successfully requested financial support from the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Colombo to carry through a five-year plan for ‘life after HIRDEP’. A close cooperative relationship has continued to exist to support HDCC and its work.

In addition to providing many services for HDCC members, the HDCC is proud of its achievements in starting specific community-focused projects including a Career Services Centre and the Hambantota Youth Business Program, both services have recently celebrated their 20-year anniversaries. The Youth Business Program is now operating in ten other districts and presents over three decades of representing SMEs to lobby on credit related collateral issues.

In 2002, after the signing of the ceasefire agreement, the HDCC recognized the role the business community could play in promoting peace and conflict resolution. Through its participation in the Business for Peace Alliance (BPA), HDCC has helped the BPA operate effectively at a regional business level.

The 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami pushed the country into a period of great uncertainty. HDCC responded to the crisis and emerged as a unifying force acting as a champion for local ownership of the relief, recovery and re-development of the district.
Through its work in the community and its exceptional service to HDCC members, HDCC continues to grow and work towards its goal of becoming self-sustaining. HDCC proudly holds national and international partnerships with acclaim and looks forward to upcoming success into the future.


Hambantota is 240 kilometres south east of Colombo and is currently only accessible by road.

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Director Board
01. Mr. D.W. Anura Upul  
: - President
02. Mr. M.Chaminda
: - Senior Vice President
03. Mr.Anura Sanathchandra
: - Vice President
04. Mr. K.A.H. Padmalal
: - Immediate Past President
05. Mr. Suresh De Mel
: - Director
06. Mr. Sisira D. Jayasinghe
: - Director
07. Ms. Vishaka Darshani Bandara.
: - Director
08. Mr. Jayantha Peiris.
: - Director
09. Mr. Rohan L Fernando
: - Director
10. Mr. G.B. Nimal Premathilaka
: - Director
11. Ms. W.M. Shiyani
: - Director
12. Mr. Nihal Gunasekara 
: - Director
13. Mr. M.I. Hameed
: - Director
14. Mr. Duminda Hannagala
: - Director
15. Mr. Upul Ramasinghe
: - Director
16. Mr. Lalith Nirosh
: - Director
17. Mr. N.G. Manjula Nishantha
: - Director
18. Mr. Asela Chinthaka
: - Director
19. Mr. L. Manjula Duminda
: - Director
20. Mr. W.G. Gunadasa
: - Director
21. Mr. A.H. Gnanathissa
: - Director

Mr. Chaminda Rusiru
Managing Director
Dumindu Salt Pvt Ltd

Past Presidents
These professionals stay active with the organization long after their terms as president. Their participation includes chairing communities, leading special projects among other vital work for the Chamber.

1993-1995, 1997-1998

Mr. M. Azmi Thassim,
Managing Director,
M.R.Thassim & Company (pvt) Ltd.

1996 – 1997

Mr. Keerthi Munasinghe,
Managing Director,
Singhe Group of Companies.

1998 – 1999

Mr. G. S. Mahanama,
Managing Director,
Mahanama Company (pvt)Ltd.


Mr. S. R. G. Dhammika,
Mangala Book Shop.


Mr. Tilar Nadugala,
Sarath Saw Mill.


Mr. M. Ganesha Siriwardena,
Tissa Inn.


Mr. J. K. A. Samson Abeykoon
Achira Builders (Pvt) Ltd.


Mr. K. Liyanaarachchi
Managing Director,
Liyanarachchi Builders (Pvt) Ltd.

2010 - 2011

Mr. I.K. Kumara Jayasinghe
Managing Director,
Saranga Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd.


Mr. Alhaj M. Shaheed Usuph
Managing Director,
Al Najath Import & Export (Pvt)Ltd.

2014 - 2015

Mr. Sudantha Akmeemana
Managing Director,
Thima Jewelers.


Mr. Hemanth Padmalal
Managing Director,
Premadasa Industries.

2018 - 2019

Mr. D.W.Anura Upul
Managing Director,



Executive Committee
Meets: Monthly
Purpose: Reviews the operations of the HDCC and approves Management recommendations.

Executive Committee Members
Mr. Chaminda Rusiru - Chairman
Mr. D.W.Anura Upul - HDCC Prasident
Mr. Anura Sanathchandra - Member
Mr. Hemanth Padmalal - Past President

HYBP Project Evaluation Committee
Hambantota Youth Business Program
Meets: Every 2 Months
Purpose: Evaluates recommendations for Business loan for approvals.

HYBP Project Evaluation Committee Members
Mr. Keerthi Munasinghe - Chairman
Mr. W.K.P.L. Kumara - Vice Chairman
Mr. K.A.H. Padmalal - Member
Mr. T.S. Amith - Member

Promotion Committee
Meets: Every 2 months or according to HDCC Events
Purpose: Planing and Promotion for HDCC Events

Promotion Committee Members
Mr. Chaminda Rusiru - Chairman
Mr. Nandika Samarawickrama - Member
Mr. Nimal Premathilaka - Member
Mr. Krishan Indika Malalagama - Member
Mr. Darshana Desapriya - Member
Mr. S.T.Muthumala - Member

Tourism Committee
Meets: Every 2 months
Purpose: Promote Hambantota District as a key tourism destination

Tourism Committee Members
Mr. Ganesha Siriwardana - Chairman
Mr. Ranjith Muthumala - Member
Mr. Rohan Wanigasinghe - Member
Mr. Manjula Liyanage - Member
Mr. Sugath Rathnakeerthi - Member
Mr. Keerthi Wimalasooriya - Member