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Business Development Service


Coordinate with financial institutes to obtain Business Development services for member & prospective members.

  • Introduce suitable loan scheme
  • Advice to solve their financial requirement
  • Prepare Business plans
  • Coordinate with members and financial institutes  

Facilitate Book Keeping & Preparing Final Accounts : - 

Facilitate Businessmen to link up with professional service providers which are suitable for their individual needs.

Preparation of Project Reports :-
Development of members products & services and initiating new projects. Part of special project like Back to Business. 
Organize Entrepreneur Awards presentations at  National, Regional & District Level : -
  • Encouragement for Entrepreneurs to improve their businesses and managerial skills.
  • Introduce their businesses at National & Regional Level.
  • Provide National level business services.  
Consultation Services:-
  • Improvement of business services
  • Introduction of new business ideas
  • Identification of various projects

    Provide advice on obtaining bank loans and other financial support for your business

Contact : -
Mr. H.R.G Indunil - [Outsource Officer ]


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