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Good response from investors to invest in Hambantota Port site
The government has requested proposals to commence businesses at Hmbantota Port site during the period from 17th September to 15th October 2010.
Mr. Agil Hewageegana, Chief Engineer (Southern Port Development), informed that there was a good response and interest from local and international investors and over 70 investors had been bought documents to bid for this, and at the closing date 27 investors were bided.
Both international and major national level companies already expressed their interest for this. It is important that there are more proposals to start joint ventures between international and national companies and it will be a good opportunity, specially for local business community. It is supposed to conduct the evaluation of these proposals during the month of October and their expectation is to select maximum possible and suitable investors. Further, the contracts will be signed with selected investors and infrastructure and other facilities will be provided them accordingly.
Further, he mentioned that the Hmbantota sea port became this much popular and identified as a prominent Harbor as the Hambantota district is located in an international marine route as well as the unique location of this port itself
New step in Sri Lanka’s largest development project: New hope to the business community.
The first of this type harbor ever constructed in the world, Hambantota International Port filled its basin with sea water starting from 15th August 2010. “Karadiyawara Mangalyaya” the special ceremony was conducted to commemorate this historic event and presided by HE President Mahinda Reajapaksha and many other distinguished guests. Number of national and international parties, were lsooking forward to this lifetime opportunity, as it creates many opportunities which also will revitalizing the economy.
The 1st phase of the project
The whole project is valued at around US$ 1.5 billion, where the 1st phase of the project will cost of US$ 361. It has scheduled to bring the first ship to the port by November this year. The port will facilitate for any ship in the world as this will be the deepest port in South Asia, where the depth is 17 meters from the sea level. At the beginning the port will facilitate for tree ships at a time and expect to facilitate over 8,000 ships per year. There will be two jetties each of those is 310 meters long.
The administration activities will carry out at a separate building. The lots of opportunities will open to investment including cargo handling, oil storage tanks, warehousing complex, cold storage facility and container-transhipment and a road network to serve the port. It believes that the other major development projects carry out with parallel to this project; International air port, International convention centre, International cricket stadium, highway and railway project and many other development projects will do a significant influence and change the economy.


China to build new international airport in sri lanka
China is to lend Sri Lanka about $200m (£133m) to build a second international airport in the south of the island.
Another $100m from Beijing will help boost the island's railway network, Sri Lanka's foreign ministry said.
The new airport will be near a vast sea port which is being largely funded with Chinese money.
China is financing a growing number of such projects in Sri Lanka, which some see as an attempt to undermine Indian influence in the region.
The two countries are vying for contracts in Sri Lanka following the end of more than 20 years of civil war.
Best terms
Last week, the Sri Lankan government said China was supplying more than half of all the construction and development loans it was receiving
Work has already started on the airport.
It is close to the massive sea port under construction at Hambantota, which is largely being funded by the Chinese government's lending arm, the Export-Import Bank.
Both projects have the same Chinese state-owned company as contractor, says the BBC's Charles Haviland in Colombo.
The projects Beijing is financing include a host of road improvements in the formerly war-torn north, a huge theatre in the capital and coal power plants, our correspondent says.
They are built by Chinese contractors and use large numbers of Chinese workers.
Analysts in Sri Lanka say there is some unhappiness among Sri Lankan companies and workers who feel they are missing out.
The government, however, says China is simply offering the best terms.
Some officials in India, Sri Lanka's neighbour and China's rival, have said they fear Beijing is trying to undermine Delhi's influence in the region through its economic assistance.
India, for its part, has just announced a credit of $70m to help upgrade Sri Lanka's southern railway line.
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