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HDCC's members are drawn from a wide variety of Hambantota district businesses.

There are three types of member:

  • Direct members - have their head office and the main part of their business in Hambantota District.
  • Association members - are external sector or geographical based associations
  • Cooperate members - have substantial business interests in Hambantota District while their head offices might be elsewhere. Cooperate members include large companies such as banks, garment factories and hotels.
Membership Benefits

Small business owners, associations and larger companies join HDCC for a variety of reasons as HDCC is the gateway to providing the below services:

  • Professional advice, guidance and support for business development
  • Preparation of project reports, feasibility studies, etc.
  • Advice and document preparation for obtaining bank loans and other financial support for your business
  • Provide access to national and international professional development courses and events
  • Facilitate training on topics specific to business needs
  • Organize exhibitions, seminars and other promotional activities
  • Recruitment and job placement for skilled personnel
  • Facilitate entrepreneurial awards and competitions at district and national levels
  • HDCC regular business newsletter publication - Dolosdahasrata
  • Provide networking opportunities
  • Lobbying and representation to authorities on member’s behalf
Membership Details  
How Can I join?   What does it cost?
Companies, businesses and associations interested in an HDCC membership should fill out and return a membership application. Once your membership is approved, you will become a member of HDCC.
How to join ?

Once you join HDCC, your company or organization is welcome to take full advantage of all our resources, services and networking opportunities. You may assign as many executives as you wish to HDCC committees, working in groups and task forces.  

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