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Membership Development Unit

The role of the Membership Development Unit is to be the gateway for members to access the below services:

  • Professional advice, guidance and support for business development
  • Preparation of project reports, feasibility studies, etc.
  • Advice and document preparation for obtaining bank loans and other financial support for your business
  • Provide access to national and international professional development courses and events
  • Facilitate training on topics specific to business needs
  • Organize exhibitions, seminars and other promotional activities
  • Recruitment and job placement for skilled personnel
  • Facilitate entrepreneurial awards and competitions at district and national levels
  • HDCC regular business newsletter publication - Dolosdahasrata
  • Provide networking opportunities
  • Lobbying and representation to authorities on member’s behalf        

These services represent a broad range of the ways in which we can help members' businesses develop, grow and be more successful.


Contact : -
Ms. Susanthi Andrahennadi
Executive - Membership
Hambantota District Chamber of Commerce,
Tangalle Road,
Sri Lanka.

: +94 (0) 47 2220940/1
+94 47 4 933 933
: +94 (0) 47 2220448
E - Mail
Business Development Service
Our Business Development Service is focused on providing information, introductions and networking opportunities to improve your business success as follows:
  • Business advise and consultancy including referrals to professional experts
  • Facilitation of business education opportunities
    • Develop awareness programs, workshops, and training based on common member requirements
    • Business School - offering externally recognised courses in Hambantota district
  • Organize events to facilitate networking, promotion of products and services, sharing of ideas successes and inspiration
  • Business advise and consultancy

By understanding your business needs, HDCC can provide you with targeted information or introduce you to our preferred suppliers who are experts in their fields.  We can help you with:

  • Preparation of business plans and proposals
    • Developing new business ideas and potential projects
  • Provide advice on obtaining bank loans and other financial support for your business
  • Running your business
    • Financial management including booking keeping and reporting
    • Legal business requirements such as annual corporate reporting and audits
    • Coordination with members and financial institutions
  • Improving your business operations
  Facilitation of business education opportunities

A. Develop awareness programs, workshops, and training
When a common need is identified that is relevant to our members or the community, we will develop awareness programs, workshops or training to provide an opportunity for business owners to improve knowledge and confidence in important topic affecting your business.

B. Hambantota Business School
The HDCC provides high-level education opportunities:

  • Offers externally recognised courses for qualifications
        • High quality and national level
    • Provide knowledge to business community to improve capacity to participate in the national and international markets
    • Provide opportunity at convenient Hambantota location
    • Current courses include SLIM for Marketing and AAT for Accounting
  • Provide general skills to improve the business interactions targeting youth and women and other community
      • English
      • IT
  • Organize events to facilitate networking, promotion of products and services, sharing of ideas successes and inspiration
  • Networking events for targeted members
    • Cricket Carnival for Association members – see upcoming events
    • Hambantota Trade Fair Carnival– see upcoming events
    • Members Business Night – see upcoming events
  • Entrepreneur Awards presentations at Regional, District Level and National level
    • Encourage entrepreneurs to apply for HDCC Awards
    • Encourage entrepreneurs to participate in regional and national awards
  • Organise international tours to promote professional development opportunities abroad - see upcoming events for next tour


Mr. Gishan Ramanayake
Executive - Services
Hambantota District Chamber of Commerce
Tangalle Road
Sri Lanka                                                                                                                   
Tel       : +94 (0) 47 2220940/1
Hotline : +94 47 4 933 933                                                                                              
Fax       : +94 (0) 47 2220448  
E-mail : hbs@hdcc.lk

Mr. Priyantha Wijayawardane
Senior Executive – Career Development

Hambantota District Chamber of Commerce,
Tangalle Road,
Sri Lanka.                              
Tel       : +94 (0) 47 2220940/1
Hotline : +94 47 4 933 933
Fax       : +94 (0) 47 2220448
E-mail : info@hdcc.lk

Career Service Center (Job Solutions)

The Career Services Centre (CSC) was established in 1996 with the support of World University Services of Canada (WUSC).                     


  • Gather information on skilled job seekers
  • Provide information on gainful employment
  • Provide gainful employment opportunities for job seekers.
  • Provide training based on employer’s needs.
  • Strengthen Vocational Training Centre and inform them about the industry needs to update course programs.        


  • Provides a job placement service to employers to recruit suitable young people
  • Provides counselling to young people regarding their job choices and direct them qualification and skill development opportunities where appropriate
  • Maintains a database of young people, which will be used as information for employers
  • Provides a job matching and placement service for young people
  • Selection of the candidates from our database to suitable organizations
  • Pre-selection interviews are available to ensure that candidates are perfectly matched for to the potential company

These services will be charged at a rate agreed when the assignment is discussed.

Contact: -                                                                                                                               
Ms. Hansi Maduwanthi
Senior Programme Coordinator – CSC & HYBP                                                                        
Hambantota District Chamber of Commerce,
Tangalle Road,
Sri Lanka.
Tel        : +94 (0) 472220940/1
Hotline : +94 47 4 933 933                                                                                               
Fax      : +94 (0) 472220448   
E-mail  : rc@hdcc.lk

Hambanatota Youth Business Program (HYBP)

The Hambantota Youth Business Program (HYBP) is a proud achievement of the HDCC. The original focus was to address the problem of youth unemployment by assisting young people to consider entrepreneurship as another avenue to employment. Commencing in 1997, HYBP will celebrate its 20th anniversary in 2017, the program was modelled on the Prince's Youth Business Trust (PYBT) in the U.K. Today the service continues to have a strong focus of empowering disadvantaged youth by offering start-up loans at subsidised interest and business support through mentorship and training to enable a successful start to new businesses.

HDCC is honoured that it’s successful HYBP model was launched nationally in 2006 across Sri Lanka by the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce.


HYBP Objectives:                                                                

  • Reduce unemployment among youth
  • Alleviate poverty through income generation
  • Reduce youth unrest and lower conflict rates
  • Develop an entrepreneurial culture among young people.
  • Recycle the experience and energy of business people into their local communities.        

Are you aged 18-40 and unemployed or underemployed?  Do you have an idea for a business but are unable to raise the capital you need? We want to help you get up and running. With support from HYBP, you can apply for:                                                               

  • A start-up loan
  • Ongoing support from a volunteer business mentor
  • Access to local business networks
  • Access to training workshops and trade fairs

Contact: -                                                                                                                               
Mr. J.H.M.A.J. Bandara
Executive - HYBP                                                                        
Hambantota District Chamber of Commerce,
Tangalle Road,
Sri Lanka.
Tel        : +94 (0) 472220940/1 
Hotline : +94 47 4 933 933                                                                                              
Fax      : +94 (0) 472220448   
E-mail  : hybp@hdcc.lk

Deep South Tourism

Hambantota is one of the largest districts in Sri Lanka and rich with heritage, culture and wild life. The history of the region, which was called “Magama” or “Mahagama” in the ancient days, dates to the arrival of Aryans who are the ancestors of Sinhalese people. Going further back there is evidence that the great King Rawana of the Indian epic “Ramayana” had his kingdom in this region. Not only is the region famous for legends from the great ancient kings who were born in the region but was also for the colonial eras of the famous Englishman, Leonard Wolf the Government Agent of Hambantota, and the Boer, Van Engelbracht the first Caretaker of the Yala National Park.                                       

The District’s tourism industry is not confined to the beach luxurious resorts of the coastal belt but is rich with biodiversity ideal for eco holidays. Hambantota boasts several nature reserves including Yala National Park, Kalametiya Bird Sanctuary, Turtle Watch Rekawa, Nimalawa Forest Monestary, and Bundala National Park, the only nature reserve in the island declared as a Ramsar Site.
Emphasizing the unlimited potential and opportunities the District offers for the tourism sector, the HDCC developed the slogan “Hambantota – Sri Lanka’s Deep South” to draw attention to the region. Over the years, the Chamber has undertaken numerous activities to uplift the tourism industry in the District with the active participation and assistance of the Manchester Growth, affiliated with the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce and Mercy Corps of USA. Providing the leadership to promote the “Deep South” concept, HDCC has also appointed a committee of local stakeholders in the tourism industry. The main objectives of the Tourism Development Committee are to:                                         

  • Promote Hambantota as a tourist destination
  • Improve the quality of tourist products and services in the area
  • Educate the local community on the importance and possibilities of tourism           

If you would like more information or plan to visit Southern Sri Lanka, please visit our dedicated website:  deepsouth.lk

Hambantota District Chamber of Commerce,
Tangalle Road,
Sri Lanka.                               
Tel       : +94 (0) 472220940/1
Hotline : +94 47 4 933 933
Fax      : +94 (0) 472220448                                                                           
E-mail  : deepsouth@hdcc.lk
Web    : www.deepsouth.lk

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