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Inward Investment
Economic Development
To harness on behalf of the people and businesses of Hambantota the potential of the existing and planned major economic development in the Hambantota District.
To reap the benefits of the ongoing and future government economic development projects in the District through a meaningful public-private partnership.

The Economic Development initiative in HDCC is based upon the need to bring together all the development stakeholders under a common, agreed and well-coordinated programme, driven by a public-private sector partnership, and donor agencies, and in particular to gain maximum advantage for the District from the large-scale development projects now under way and proposed projects in the future. 

Large scale projects like the international port, the international airport, the oil refinery, as well as infrastructure development have been identified as the agents of economic development and the Chamber is now working with its partners to draw up a carefully-planned and agreed programme for implementation based on extensive discussions with all stakeholders.  Consultation and a convergence of ideas is an absolute necessity to make true economic development a reality.


For almost 15 years the mission of the Hambantota District Chamber of Commerce has been to empower the business community, as the best way to enhance the economic prosperity of the District. The creation of the EDU - and the ability to tap into the international expertise of partners like Manchester Solutions - represent the culmination of the knowledge and understanding HDCC has acquired over a long period of time about the needs of the District and the opportunities and means to aid its development.

The Economic Development Strategy (EDS) has identified as perhaps the greatest challenge to the efficient and effective implementation of the major capital projects. Meeting this challenge involves:

  • Developing a clear and coherent common overall vision for the District
  • Ensuring effective communication of the vision and the overall plan for implementation
  • Engaging the local business community and population, both in developing the vision and plans for addressing it and in carrying them forward.

During the consultation process of the EDS, there has been a strong agreement on the importance of effective project direction and coordination. The preference of the project stakeholders was for the government to introduce a special mechanism, building on the current structures, which would have an equivalent effect like the Mahaweli Authority. It is critical that a single and clear line of command be established - fully endorsed and supported by the government - which will enable key decisions (on land allocation, primary land uses according to allocated zones for example) to be quickly and efficiently made. Without this clear line of command there would be great potential for bureaucratic delay and unnecessary escalations in cost. The task in hand for the EDU is to carry forward, in addition to the above initiatives, more concrete actions with policy level endorsement of the government.
Expected Outputs from the Economic Development Strategy
  • EDS consultation process conducted and EDS improved and upgraded
  • A comprehensive Information System on ED established and operationalized and supporting studies and researches commissioned
  • Public - Private partnerships through periodic consultation sustained
  • New ED-based investments promoted, brought-in and established  
  • Exposure Visits to members and stakeholders facilitated
  • Technical Assistance for required key stakeholders provided
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