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Rhythm of The Sea


" Rhythm of the Sea", which traces the lives of people and the progress of events following the tsunami in Sri Lanka. The book uses the Hambantota District, the second most severely tsunami-affected administrative region in Sri Lanka in terms of human and capital cost, as the backdrop.

HDCC Annual Report

HDCC’s 2009 Annual Report provides a comprehensive overview of progress during the year, while also reviewing more recent accomplishments and looking ahead to tomorrow’s challenges.
Dolosdahas Rata


"Dolosdhahas Rata" The monthly newspaper of the Hambantota District Chamber of Commerce

Vocational Training Information
HDCC has recently launched a booklet entitled: "Vocational TrainingInformation" in the Hambantota District.
It includes information on the following:
+ Hambantota District Vocational Training Consortium
+ Vocational Training Institutes and details of their courses
+ Introduction to the National Vocational Qualification System
+ Business Development Services providers
+ Services o f the Hambantota District Chamber of Commerce
+ Success stories resulting from undertaking Vocational Training courses
Price 265 Rs
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