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Business Development

The staff at HDCC are business professionals with years of experience and training behind them and are eager to help you grow your business.

Deep South Tourism

HDCC have long taken an active role within the development of the Hambantota Tourism Industry known as the Deep South, Sri Lanka in an effort to boost the local economy.

Youth Business Program

This nationally recognised program promotes entrepreneurship and provides technical and financial support to the youth to enable a successful career in business.

Women’s Business Program

Entrepreneurship and Empowering Women in the Hambantota District programme. Increased female business participation is vital to the improvement of family conditions and the broader economy, which is why HDCC play an active role in the education and empowerment of female entrepreneurs.

Disability Business Program

The program helping people with disabilities to become entrepreneurs. People living with a disability are some of the most marginalised in society. As such, we are proud to deliver significant support to those living with a disability to overcome their challenges and create successful business opportunities.

Career Services

The Career service centre is one of the key components of the HDCC and trying its best to provide the job for young under employers in the District. HDCC are determined to connect your business with high performing staff. Through the provision of professional development opportunities and services HDCC have secured 2,600 people jobs through this program.

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About Us

The Hambantota District Chamber of Commerce (HDCC) is an innovative, membership-based organisation which works hard on projects and initiatives designed to enhance community and business capacity across the Hambantota District.

International Partnerships

International partnerships are at the core of the Hambantota District Chamber of Commerce, with a long history of successful joint projects across a variety of fields. HDCC has played an important role within the district since its inception as an effective conduit for technical and financial relief and support between international organisations, NGOs, philanthropists, groups, and government agencies and the wider community

About Us

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Partnering For Prosperity

To be a professional, sustainable organization, making available a wide range of development services to individuals and enterprises, helping to accelerate economic growth and enhance prosperity throughout the District

To act as the ‘Gateway’ for development, ensuring the social cohesion and economic success of the Hambantota District.

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HDCC are proud to have a long history of resourceful local and international partnerships with a variety of organisations in the government, aid, NGO and private sectors.