Women Business Development

Entrepreneurship and Empowering Women in the Hambantota District programme. The aim of the WEF is to overcome the cultural, economic and practical barriers that impact the ability of women to thrive as entrepreneurs, to increase the representation and lobbying power of women already established in business, and to harness the potential of women by empowering them, financially and psychologically, to make good life and business choices. HDCC, working with WEF, proposes this project to improve significantly the capacity of existing women entrepreneurs. to improve and expand their businesses into the region and beyond. To stimulate women entrepreneurs in the district of Hambantota through the creation of successful women entrepreneurs from disadvantage background has been ultimate gale of HDCC. The project includes outreach activities, Capacity building programmes, motivation, business ideas, business planning and counselling, book keeping and accounting, leadership and communication skills, presentation skills, English & IT, and networking event and exposure visit for the women entrepreneurs and since its inception has more than 500 women entrepreneurs get benefit of the USAID Project.

Contact information:

Ms. Susanthi Andra Hannadige

Membership Development Executive

Hambantota District Chamber of Commerce

Email: [email protected]
Tel: +94 (0) 47 2220940/1
Hotline: +94 474 933 932